Bishop Mark Davies

We are delighted that Bishop Mark Davies will lead the Pilgrimage in 2021, as he did previously in 2014.  Bishop Mark was born in Manchester on 12 May 1959 and baptised at St Richard’s Church, Longsight. After completing his education in Manchester and Stockport he began his training for the priesthood at Ushaw College, Durham. Ordained to the priesthood by Bishop Thomas Holland of Salford on 11 February 1984 he served as an assistant priest before he was appointed private secretary to Archbishop Patrick Kelly in 1988.

From 1992 until 2009 Father Davies was parish priest in a number of parishes, during this time also serving as Dean of North Manchester and then as Vicar General of the Salford Diocese. In December 2009 Pope Benedict XVI appointed Monsignor Davies as the Coadjutor Bishop of Shrewsbury. He was ordained Bishop on 22 February 2010 at St Anthony’s, Wythenshawe, Manchester. On 1 October 2010 Bishop Davies became the 11th Bishop of Shrewsbury in succession to Bishop Brian Noble.

Bishop Mark has spoken strongly in defence of Christian Faith and Life on many occasions. In a homily to the New Dawn conference in 2019 he said,

‘Yet, dark shadows remain in our day. At times they may even seem to be lengthening in British society, suffering as it does from amnesia (a loss of memory) of the Christian faith on which our society was built. This forgetfulness allows new ideological agendas to become the driving force of what is called ‘human progress.’ Yet, in reality it is the active discarding of the Christian moral inheritance whether in a radical assault upon the sanctity of human life or marriage itself as the foundation of the family; or upon human identity as it comes from the hand of the Creator.’

We hope that many pilgrims will be able to meet in Walsingham in 2021 for this, the 38th Pilgrimage, and be joined by many more from around the United Kingdom and the island of Ireland through the livestream facility from the Shrine.

Please follow either of these links to watch the pilgrimage live at Walsingham:-

Walsingham Shrine Live Stream

Walsingham Shrine YouTube Channel

Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe

The Pilgrimage will also be graced with the presence of the Miraculous Relic Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, brought from its shrine in the Diocese of Northampton. Archbishop Vincent Nichols of Westminster formally handed over the Miraculous Relic Image to the care of Bishop Peter Doyle, Bishop of Northampton, in a ceremony in the Church of The Holy Child and St Joseph, Bedford, on 29 Sept 2012